Homework Policy


In Kindergarten, the children will have Math and Language Arts homework Monday-Thursday nights.  The homework is designed to reinforce concepts learned in school.  The homework should not take the children more then approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Students should complete their homework independently. Parents can clarify directions and re-explain concept or idea if the child is having trouble. Please notify me if your child is having difficulties.


***Please make sure children are reading every night. If they can not read yet, please read to them. This is the best way to help your child develop into a fluent reader***

Behavior Policy


 At the beginning of the year it is important for us to have some type of behavior plan so that children know what is expected of them in the classroom and at school. The students and I will come up with a set of classroom rules, which cover hitting, manners, etc. All children are expected to follow all rules!

I am a firm believer in rewarding those students who constantly show exemplary behavior. I will NOT tolerate students who hit or act ugly in any way toward themselves or other children. The “stop light” system works best for me with the students. All students will begin each day with a green light. If a child misbehaves or breaks a classroom rule they will move to a yellow light. If they continue to misbehave they will move to a red light. Children may earn back a light if there behavior improves. At the end of the day, all of the children who have a green light, will receive a sticker. At the end of every month, the children’s stickers will be counted and prizes will be awarded. It is important that you talk to your child about him/her behavior. If we work together we can make learning more enjoyable.

Please check out the link below for an example of the Behavior Stop Light System which I use in the classroom...

Stop Light.doc (31 kB)